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Day 2 : After sunshine comes rain

The next day we applied the factor 50 sunscreen we had left from our last cycling vacation.


The town Bouillon

Nonetheless, we started to get sunburned, just like on our previous trip, 'fortunately' it began to rain in the afternoon. Because of the rain it cooled down quickly, and we felt cold instead of too warm. I carried rain pants, but Bart didn't. After a few hours, we arrived completely soaked at a supermarket, where we froze every time we passed the refrigerator. The store sold hot chocolate, which we drank like a couple of homeless people while we ate the bread we had bought.

100cols_tocht3 130.jpg

Behind the supermarket

100cols_tocht3 131.jpg

Everything was wet

Later we continued because we needed to cycle another 50 km to reach the campsite in St. Michiel, where we planned to stay. When we arrived we bought some ice cream and bread. While we were eating a car stopped, floored the gas until a cloud of smoke came out of the exhaust, and then continued at 3 km/h to park one meter further away. The driver was an old guy who came up to us to talk.


He asked where we came from and told us he had served in the military. He had been deployed in Africa and had cut wood with his brother for the oven in the local bakery before that. Now he had arthritis in his leg and couldn't walk well anymore. After he had told us his life story, we continued to the campsite, there was no one at the front desk. There was a piece of paper with a phone number which we called, the owner answered and told us to camp wherever we wanted.

St. Michiel

The town with the campsite

St. Michiel


Daily distance : 181 km

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