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Cycling vacation Alps


Last year Bram and I (Bart) had finished cycling the 100 cols tour. This year we wanted to cycle in Austria or Switzerland to explore the Alps. Bram apparently talks about cycling a lot at work. Also to Jorien, whose dad used to cycle a lot when he was younger. He had gotten all excited by our stories and offered to plan this year's route. The route was finished only a few weeks before we left. We received a list of villages we needed to pass, including road numbers and the total distance cycled. It would involve a lot of climbing. The total distance, including a reasonable amount of detours, would be around 3300 kilometers. That would be tight in three weeks.

alpen 001.jpg

Gear for the three week trip

We had so much rain this year that we decided to color every section of this story in which it rained blue. 

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