Alps - Day 1 : A nice start

Last night I (Bart) hadn't slept much and gotten a cold. Around 8:30 I arrived at Bram. Jorien and her dad arrived a little later, they would join us for the first part. It was sunny and dry. The four of us cycled via the Achelse Kluis monastery to Budel, near Belgium. There I lost my glasses, but later found them again on my head. Cycling went well. Meanwhile Jorien's dad told us about his cycling trip to the Northern Cape. He was also able to tell us what every mountain was like along the route he had made for us. Jorien and he didn't carry much food and drinks, especially considering it was Sunday and most stores would be closed. They had already cycled 10 km to reach Bram. Her dad started to feel like cycling and went 25 km/h, making it hard for Jorien to keep up. After 30 km we took a break. Jorien didn't feel that well, 'but it would get better after eating and drinking a bit'. The first sip came out faster than it went in. They called home to have her mom pick her up 10 kilometers farther. Meanwhile Bram and I would continue at a faster pace.

Na Maaseik volgden we het kanaal naar het zuiden. 

alpen 002.jpg

At the canal

alpen 003.jpg

It had a lock

From Visé onwards the hills in the Ardennes started. Last night Bram had been going out until 00:30, so he was pretty tired. Just after Visé we heard people shouting. It were Jorien with her parents and sisters. They had been waiting for over an hour to see us one last time. Luckily Jorien felt better. She hadn't dared to tell her boyfriend, Bas, that she had quit after cycling only 40 kilometers, because Bas had survived three days of cycling with Bram on their trip to Groningen. We learned that her dad had gotten a flat tire shortly after we had said goodbye.

alpen 004.jpg

A lot of signs

At the end of the afternoon the weather got worse. For dinner we ate fries and took a campsite in Malmedy. The route description continuously mentioned how many kilometers we had cycled. However, this didn't included taking wrong turns, searching for stores and campsite, road blocks, etc. To finish the entire loop in 22 days we needed to advance 142 km per excluding all the extra kilometers. Today we had cycled 170 kilometers, took a shortcut that saved us 40, and still only advanced 140 kilometers according to the descriptions. Apparently there were some errors in the map, hopefully it wouldn't continue like this, otherwise we would never make it home.


At 8 we arrived at the campsite, the front desk was still open. We quickly pitched everything and wanted to go for a shower. Of course they required tokens. That is usually already annoying, but by now the front desk had closed so we weren't able to buy any. Fortunately we found one that was left behind in one of the machines. By showering really fast we both managed to get a rinse using only one token.

alpen 005.jpg

The campsite

Distance cycled : 170 km