Alps - Day 4 : Getting lost in the rain

In the morning it was raining again.

alpen 014.jpg

Packing our luggage under a nearby roof

We started with a long climb which we still remembered from our trip to the Black Forest. Then followed a long descent, which was less nice now it was raining. We climbed a lot today and it was raining continuously. We bought some food at a large supermarket. Just outside the entrance were some chairs and tables. They were meant for people who bought bread at the bakery next door. For us it was a nice spot to eat without getting even wetter. Most people who left the stores looked surprised at the big pile of food in front of us.

alpen 015.jpg

On the terrace

alpen 016.jpg

Eating without getting wet

In the afternoon we were often unsure about our exact location on the map and therefore took several wrong turns. Because of that we needed to cycle through Strasbourg, instead of around it. That of course didn't go fast. After a while we found a bicycle path leading to the next town, it went through a park. After asking for directions we found the road to Kehl.

In Kehl we went to a campsite, which had a dedicated field for tents. Bram wanted to camp smack in the middle so we had the highest chance of getting sun in the morning. Half an hour later the owner passed by. He suddenly got angry because we didn't have a real tent, only our bivy bags. We didn't understand why that made any difference. He said he didn't want people without tents. We had already paid so he couldn't sent us away. 

After showering we drank some beer in the campsite's bar.

Distance cycled : 136 km