Alps - Day 3 : Pfalzer Wald

In the morning it was sunny. The first 20 kilometers followed a bike path along the river Saar. It went nicely up and down over forrest roads.

Saar river

The Saar

Saar river

Next to the bicycle path

By following the marked bicycle path we did take a detour, as it made us miss an exit. After quite some climbing we reached Losheim. The route description mentioned there would be a supermarket here. That was nice because we were getting hungry. It turned out to be the only city during the vacation where we couldn't find a supermarket, instead we got pastries at a bakery.

We managed to follow the route from village to village. There was a nice gravel road through forests. In Miesau we were pretty tired, so decided to eat dinner. Next to a restaurant was a sign 'fries with schnitzel'. That sounded great. We could eat there after 6, but it was only 5. We asked if there was a supermarket nearby, the owner told us there was one 10 kilometer away, uphill, in the wrong direction. That wasn't great. After descending two kilometers, in the right direction, we found 3 supermarkets.

During the last part we took another shortcut. We were behind the (unrealistic) schedule and this way we would reach our intended campsite at a reasonable time time. During our trip to the Black Forest we had also stayed here and knew the showers were good.

alpen 011.jpg

The campsite

alpen 012.jpg

Bram's feet after three days of cycling in the rain. He had deep fissures that hurt, so he hoped for better weather.

At the campsite we ended up across from a Dutch man. He was interested in what we were doing and offered us coffee and tea. We agreed to come over after showering. We spend about an hour talking with him, he usually went diving in Spain. There were also some Belgium people that joined our conversation. It was getting dark so Bram picked up his flashlight and we went to sleep.

Distance cycled : 164 km