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Ardennes - Day 3 : Blisters with feet in them

After waking up we started walking along a relatively large road leading to Malmedy. The weather was better than the day before, but still not very warm. We also weren't really walking, especially Bart was just limping. We arrived in Malmedy in the afternoon where we stumbled into a bar to drink some trappist beer.


We bought some snickers, which had some good sugar and calories to keep us going. We planned to catch a train in Spa the following day. There was also bus station in Malmedy, but of course we wanted to walk as far as possible. We slept on top of a hill in the forests around Malmedy. I had brought my SAS survival handbook which describes many edible plants. It mentioned that the bark of pine trees is edible. However, it also said that in a worst case scenario you could eat your shoe sole. We didn't try the sole, but I don't think the pine bark we tasted much better. 

For dinner we had a meal of fried rice. We were supposed to add one liter of water and then boil it for 10 minutes. We had been drinking too little the past days and today wasn't an exception. Although we were out of water, we still had some orange juice. We decided to boil the rice in that, which actually didn't taste bad.

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