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Ardennes - Day 4 : The return journey

This was the last day. Bart was happy he didn't had to walk farther. The blisters on his feet had disappeared, now they were just open wounds about 3 cm wide. We wrote this story three years after the fact, and the marks of Bart's wounds are still visible on his heels. Nonetheless we covered a good amount of distance that day.


We walked passed the race circuit of Spa-Francorchamps. In Francorchamps we got on a bus. While we were waiting two girls walked towards the bus stop, but left after seeing us. It seemed like the people here had no other type of transport than busses. The train ride back went smoother than the one on our way out.


In Maastricht a homeless man walked up to us and started telling a strange story. He was the crown prince of Guinea and was going to marry our Queen Maxima. He didn't have any money he said. He carried a bunch of copies of a letter he had written. We were given one of them.

This is the letter of our future crown prince.


The last part, the bus from Eindhoven to Valkenswaard, was pretty funny. We smelled horrible and looked very different from the other passengers. Bart said his walk home would fortunately and certainly be the last few kilometers he would ever walk in his shoes. 

Overall, we had had a lot of fun. However, next time we will definitely prepare ourselves better.

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