Black Forest - Day 11 : Back and forth from Herrenwies to hof.

At night it kept raining so in the morning I only had wet clothes to wear. We had not choice but to wear our clothes in the tv room hoping they would dry quicker. That's what we did until they were nearly dry, around 2 in the afternoon.

Meanwhile we watched cartoons. The "schlumpfen", with 'papa schlumpf' and 'schlumpfin' and 'die biene maja', which kept on saying 'kostlich' in some kind of commercial. In addition there was a commercial from 'kandoo tanz', that was very happy. Spongebob was the best show on tv. Oh and 'higglystad helden', which was a kind of educational movie 'you can't enter the swimming pool without supervision, let's head to the life guard to ask if he will watch us' was a bit much.

A bit dryer we cycled to other waterfalls, which we had also noticed on the way from Baden-Baden to Herrenwies. They were in the direction of Hof, which lay at a lot lower elevation than the campsite. So it was mostly downhill. These waterfalls were a lot nicer and bigger.


Left: a small waterfall we passed on the road to the real falls. Right: the best picture of the entire trip.
It had rained the entire time, now the sun came out. The green reflected the light with the water was running through.

We walked downstream, the waterfalls kept getting larger, so we took a picture while every time thinking it would be the largest.


More falling water.


Nearly the highest waterfalls we saw


The sun kept shining, making everything even prettier. The first store we visited in the village was already closed, as it was Saturday, but fortunately we found a second one. We bought bread for the next 3 days and some ice cream and microwave dishes. The way back was difficult. It was all  pretty steeply uphill. I had gotten a mild cold the day before and had been feeling cold for 2 days. It took a while to get to the top of the hill.      


Along the way we took this picture of a nice view

Fortunately we made it back at the campsite before it started raining again. We had bought some beers which we cooled in a nearby stream. We again sat down in the tv room to spend the evening. First we made lasagne, which turned out good. Afterwards we had a cheese pie, which was similar as the plum pie we had before, it needed to defrost for 5 hours. This time we had access to a microwave so it only took 15 minutes. It tasted better than expected and it was so calorie dense we had a hard time eating just half of it. Some other men came into the room to watch football, exactly while we were doing the dishes and spongebob was on. One guy lived near the Dutch city of Enschede, but couldn't pronounce it. When they left we drank beer from our mugs.

Distance cycled : 32 km