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Black Forest - Day 10 : Back and forth from Herrenwies to Baden-Baden

In the morning everything was wet, but it wasn't raining. That was nice for a change. We had again eaten all the food so we needed to find a store.

I was half awake and cleaning the tent when I suddenly heard 'guten morgen'. I thought it was someone from the campsite, so I replied 'guten morgen'. The man kept repeating it, so I went outside. It turned out to be a someone from the German television who was making a show about the Black Forest. He asked what we were doing and what we thought of the Black Forest. I told him how we got there by bike and had planned to hike a lot, but the weather had been bad. I think he thought it was interesting, but still walked away. A while later he came back and asked if I could repeat certain things, about how we had cycled all the way from the Netherlands and when we would go back again.

At noon we watched tv to see if we could find ourselves, but there were too many channels and several moments at which it could be aired. I also called home, but my parents also didn't see it. Because we were out of food we cycled to Baden-Baden. We had previously noticed a sign about waterfalls on the way there, so decided to check it out. At the waterfalls we cycled over the hiking trail.


The path next to the waterfalls

black forest

The river with the waterfalls


Nice waterfalls

The falls were quite pretty. The paths were nice to cycle over as well. The descent to Baden-Baden was again long, twelve kilometers at 40 km/h. I bought a new pocket knife in Baden-Baden. For lunch we got bread and ice wafels. We each ate 5 wafels and half a bread. When we finished the bread we also had the prettiest view of the vacation, it was quite hilly.

The climbing itself wasn't that tough, but it was getting dark because of new rainclouds. I wanted to take shelter until the worst was over, but Bram wanted to keep going. He said it wasn't going to rain that hard and if it did it would continue for a long time. It started raining super hard, but Bram kept going, so I followed. After 20 minutes of cycling up hill in the super hard rain it stopped and was completely dry, for the entire day.


We were completely soaked and even my shoes were drenched. On the campsite we threw everything in the washing machine to centrifuge. The door again didn't open, even when we pressed the two buttons. After another 3 times of centrifugation and continually trying to open the door we finally figured it out. After the program ended we simply had to wait a few minutes. 


We now put Bram's socks in the microwave in which we had made the apfelstrudel the day before . The idea was that we could dry them by boiling the water in them and then quickly waving them around. That actually worked pretty well. The only problem was that the socks were super hot when we needed to take them out. Fortunately no-one saw all that. When Bram's socks were done I also wanted to dry my towel. Just when walked out of the room while juggling my boiling hot towel some people walked in. They seemed very confused.


We ate dinner in the tv-room, where it was dry and warm. We also took a shower just to get warm. I had to wear shorts the rest of the day because that was the only piece of clothing that I brought that was still dry. 

Distance cycled : 44 km

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