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Black Forest - Day 16 : From somewhere near Loch to Valkenswaard

We woke up early, although the sun had already been out for a while.


Our view when we woke up

We didn't have to take our tent down, so we just packed our sleeping gear and started breakfast. It wasn't even 8 when we got on our bike. I didn't mind because it would mean we would return home early. We still needed to cycle 170 km, though.

We made good progress and didn't take any wrong turns. Around 11 o'clock, we bought groceries. Lunch was around noon and again consisted of toast. By then, we had cycled 60 km, so we were right on schedule. From there to the Dutch town of Roermond would be another 40 km. On our way there, we found some dedicated bike paths. Those were usually nice, but this one was filled with puddles . By the time we reached its end we were covered in mud. We also saw gigantic antennas in Julich; they were huge electricity poles with wires in between.


The antenna in Julich


The antenna, here you can see how many there were.

We had planned to eat fries in Roermond, but we continued to Weert as we were ahead of schedule. Fortunately, the cafeteria wasn't very crowded, as we had just cycled 210 km without showering. There were also people from Rotterdam. The guy was on the phone and ordered fries, Babi Panjang, and a cola light (you must be Dutch to get the stereotype).

We couldn't find the road from Weert to Maarheeze, so we followed another one, running roughly in the right direction. The kilometers before Leende were really tough for me. We both weren't looking forward to climbing the hill between Leende and Valkenswaard. That was already a tough climb, but with all our gear, it would be even worse. When we got there, it almost felt like cycling on level ground. I guess the hills in the Black Forest had trained us well. In Valkenswaard, we saw our friends Mathijs, Stijn, and Mitchel, but we didn't feel like chasing them. We wanted to get home and couldn't make them suffer our bad smell. We got something to drink at my parents' house and told them about our adventures.

We arrived home around 8, 2 hours earlier than expected that morning and 4 hours sooner than planned the day before. The entire return journey was also a full day sooner than anticipated. 


Here, you can see how much gear we carried and how tired we were after cycling 1360 km.


All the straight roads made today go by fast.


The last leg of the journey


Distance cycled : 164 km

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