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Black Forest - Daily distances

I would have been impressed if we would have cycled 900 km in total. Instead, that turned out to be 1360 km. We also never imagined cycling 176 and 164 km in a single day. We ate much better during this cycling trip than the previous one. Only one time did we nearly run out of food. Finding campsites was hard, making us increasingly switch to camping in the wild. Next year, we will certainly go again. Maybe we will also cycle some races beforehand to stay in shape.


This graph shows the distances we cycled each day. Days 1-5 are the journey out, and days 13-16 are the way back.

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 7.22.25 PM.png

The route we cycled, the colors represent different days. The map below shows how far we could have gotten
if we had cycled in different directions as either a return or one-way trip.


We would have been able to cycle a return journey anywhere within the inner circle or a one-way trip to the outer one and take the train back. So you see, next time we can cycle to the south of France or Prague.

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