Black Forest - Day 9 : No cycling

The lady from the campsite asked if we had been cold and wanted blankets for next night. That was sweet. It had been raining all night and continued in the morning. This day we started the 'complete breakfast in the tent', you just don't leave your tent but make sure everything is ready inside. That was nice and warm. The tent wasn't pitched right and leaking. If the rain was less hard it would have taken a long time to start leaking, but because of the storm and rain the water dripped in quickly. Puddles started to form on Bram's mattress. We used our 'friends of nature' mugs to catch as much as possible.


An impression of the mess in the tent and the puddles of water on Bram's mattress.


The mugs came in handy to catch water.


I was fortunate that my side of the tent wasn't leaking, but bram was also lucky, because he had a water resistant sleeping bag, so he stayed dry. We wanted to wash our clothes, but everything was too wet to do so. There was a room on the campsite where we could stay dry, with a chair, couch, table, and tv, but we couldn't really leave our tents because then we might come back to a large puddle of water. 

When it cleared up we went for a walk in the forest. There was a signed route with all sorts of assignments and information about the area. Unfortunately we didn't discover all assignments. We found 6 out of 8. One of the assignment was to estimate the height of a tree. Bram thought 35 meters, me 45. Fortunately the right answer was 40 meters, otherwise one of us would be more right. Farther along was a big ant hill. The sun was shining and it was swarming with ants. Bram thought it was very interesting and wanted to have an ant walk over his hands. I thought they were red ants, but Bram disagreed. It turned out to not be red ones. Nonetheless Bram was surprised when the ant suddenly raised his head, spread its jaws, and bit his hand. Bram got very fast. We tried to make a match from tree resin and a stick, but it was too wet to burn properly. When we were almost back I felt something in my neck. It didn't hurt but wasn't pleasant either. It turned out to be an ant hitching along for the past 20 minutes. Back on the campsite we had nothing to do. We decided to gather nettles to make tea. It took 2 kilometers of walking to find good ones. Back on the campsite we made tea in the rain. I poured some in my mugs and tasted it. Meanwhile Bram threw the leaves on the ground. I didn't think the tea was strong enough so Bram picked the leafs from the ground and put them pack in the pan. The people across us looked very confused.


Because the sun had come out we quickly washed our clothes. It took a while to figure out how the washing machine worked. After it was done we tried to open it, which didn't work at all. After pulling rather hard it still didn't open. We then started another program hoping it would open afterwards. That was the case. When we came back from another  walk Bram thought the clothes were still too wet, so he wanted to make it centrifuge again. I just wanted to take all the clothes out. Of course the weather got worse and the door didn't open after centrifuging. After a lot of trying I found out that if we pressed two buttons at once the door opened (we thought this was how it worked). We put in my socks which hadn't fit the first time and started it again.

Meanwhile we were invited by our neighbors to sit in their party tent and be dry. They were cycling people, but more car-cycling-people. That's something new for the dictionary, car-cycling-people: people who go cycling somewhere, but don't cycle to there, but instead take the car. The man once went 108 km/h on his bike, which made Bram jealous. Back at the socks: the door didn't open. After trying a bunch of things it opened. This washing machine really didn't make sense.


Dinner was again potatoes, this time with peas and beans. Those came in a can. My pocket knife had a can opener, but it didn't work because it was blunt. Bram kept hitting the knife with a rock until the can had a tear big enough for the carrots. My (cheap) pocket knife was ready for the garbage after that, everything was bend. We stayed in the tv room for a while and then went to bed.

Distance cycled : 0 km