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Corsica - Day 3
The next morning I woke up at 6:30. I decided to just get going. After packing I quickly came across a river, where I ate breakfast and did the dishes. There was a nice flat camping area which I wished I had found yesterday, it wasn't indicated on my paper map nor the one on my GPS. Later the route involved more steep climbing over loose rocks. It was basically like climbing a kilometers long stairway in the scorching heat, carrying a heavy backpack, and while needing to be careful not to slide. I was sweating ridiculously. By putting my spare t-shirt around my neck and my zip-off pant legs around my arms I managed not to get sunburned too much. That surely looked charming.

camping spot along the gr20

The (level) camping spot

gr20 hiking route

Waterfall along the route

gr20 hiking route

The first level part of the route

I took some photos from the top of the mountain. Afterwards the road went steep downhill and I needed to be careful not to sprain my ankle. I couldn't simply walk down, instead, I needed to carefully step from loose rock to loose rock. Often this involved sitting down. After going uphill again I arrived at a mountain cabin, but this early in the year nobody was there. I did see two people in the distance, whom were the first I had seen since starting the GR20. I took a lot of breaks because I kept getting out of breath.

view along the gr20

View over the mountains

view along the gr20

View in the other direction

cabin along the gr20

The mountain cabin

After a few kilometers I arrived at a spot were multiple walking paths converged. There were some other people. A few kilometers later I arrived at a col and a paved road. I had slept way too little in the past few days so started searching for a camping spot around 16:30. It took until 6 before I found a decent place. It was the best spot I had seen the past 1,5 hours but still was a tilted piece of grass, filled with pits and prickly bushes. I filled the largest pit with my jacket and pitched my tent on top of that. I started cooking dinner and felt exhausted.

col de bevella bocca di baveda

The col along the way

camping along the gr20

Camping amid the bushes

views along the gr20

The fog in the mountains at night

I had drank 4L of water, but this was still not enough. I wasn't hungry or in pain, but my left arm was getting pretty sunburned. The route was tougher than I had expected and way warmer. Later, fog came in over the mountains, giving me a nice view. I hoped the snow at higher elevations wouldn't be too bad.

Distance walked: 16.2 km

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