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This year's cycling vacation had been less tough than last year's. We had less rain and a lot more fun. Per day we experienced less, but over the entire holiday a lot more. Despite cycling 165 km a day for 16 days, we didn't have any punctured tires. Our average speed was about 20 km/h, which was also better than last year. France is a nice country, especially south of Dijon. It was also nice to get a real break in Stefan's chairs. Because we had better gear, we managed to cycle further and were warmer and dryer. Food is more expensive in France compared to Germany. We didn't fight this year, which was also an improvement. We have already made some plans for next year.

By now, we have cycled the Diekirch-Valkenswaard race. We finished pretty high, in 228th place out of 1298 participants. Our average speed was 28 km/h. At the finish, we were just as tired as on the last day of the cycling vacation, but we also finished 5,5 hours sooner.



This is an overview of the route, with each day colored differently.

The purple colors are the way out, and the green/blue route is the way back.


Here you can see what distances we cycled each day.


Here is a map showing the places we could reach next time.

Dark red would be reachable as a return journey; the lighter color would be a one-way trip

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