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Glacier Peak Wilderness - Day 4

Luckily the weather was good in the morning. We packed our stuff and knew we would have to climb for about 2-3 km to get out of the valley. After yesterday that would be tough, but the steepness would likely make the trail easier to follow.

camping glacier peak wilderness
indian creek trail glacier peak wilderness

Along the climb there were blueberries everywhere, so we had a good excuse to stop regularly. At the top of the ridge, we joined the Pacific Crest Trail. This is a 4000+ km long hiking trail running from Mexico to Canada. It looked like a highway compared to the trail we had been on. We were happy we didn't have to worry about getting lost anymore.

pacific crest indian creek trail
pacific crest trail in glacier peak wilderness
blueberries glacier peak wilderness
blueberries in glacier peak wilderness

Although there was quite some elevation gain, we were walking at almost twice the speed as yesterday. We also saw way more people, many of whom were hiking the entire PCT. Several had started in April, 5 months ago. The trail kept climbing and climbing, until were were well above the trees. It was a very sunny day and we knew there would be few streams that high up the mountain. Fortunately, we had filled our water bottles in the morning. When we reached the mountain pass, we had a great view into the next valley and also had our first sight of Glacier Peak. 

Red Pass Glacier peak wilderness
Red Pass Glacier peak wilderness
Red Pass Glacier peak wilderness
Red Pass Glacier peak wilderness

The descent kept going forever and we knew we had to climb all the way back up again the next day. After a while Diane suddenly stopped. In the distance we saw some animals runnings away. Diane thought they were bears, but to me they looked more like giant marmots. A while later we saw one closer by, that's when I knew they were definitely bears. I stopped to take a photo, which Diane didn't like too much. A few minutes later we arrived at some really good campsites, but for some reason Diane didn't want to sleep there. We kept going and descended a lot more. Eventually we found a good place to camp next to a river and many blueberry bushes. We were both very tired. Our food still didn't fully fit in our bear canisters, but at least now we knew "we" hadn't been carrying those for nothing.

Pacific crest trail in glacier peak wilderness
Bears in glacier peak wilderness

Spot the bear

Bear spray glacier peak wilderness
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