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Glacier Peak Wilderness - Day 5

By now we were close to Glacier Peak, but couldn't see it due to all the trees. After the first few miles we entered a really ancient forest. There were exclusively large redwood trees and many had fallen over and were partly rotten away. Everything was also covered in moss, ferns, and mushrooms. I hoped to see more bears, but unfortunately we didn't. We saw other people about every 20 minutes and there were many premade campsites along the PCT. After several miles through the beautiful forest we reached a more typical forest and several rivers that we needed to cross. The first had a good bridge, but the bridge over the second river was broken.

rivers in glacier peak wilderness
bridges in glacier peak wilderness
rivers in glacier peak wilderness
broken bridge in glacier peak wilderness

The area was very muddy and we eventually reached another big river we needed to cross. Some people we had met earlier were on the other side, but we didn't see a bridge anywhere. It turned out the bridge had been swept away and there was only a big log to get across. I sat down and pushed myself to the other side before taking photos of Diane doing the same. 

dangerous river crossing in glacier peak wilderness

On the other bank, we reached the foot of another mountain and knew we had a long climb ahead of us. Along the way, we had beautiful views over Glacier Peak. 

glacier peak in clouds
glacier peak

After about 2 hours of climbing, it was getting late. As our map showed a several campsites in the region, I hadn't expected that there would be additional small campsites that weren't shown on the map. However, we had started to realize that the PCT had many small campsites along the trail. We asked one of the PCT hikers how far the next one was. Apparently there was an app that showed the campsites and most PCT hikers didn't even carry a map, but simply followed a line on the screen of their phone. That seemed like a bit of a fake way to hike, but I guess with the clear trail and premade campsites you don't really need more. The next campsite was still several kilometers away, but we decided to try to make it before sunset. At the top of the climb we found multiple campsites one of which was taken by an older couple. I took some photos of the sunset after cooking dinner. 

glacier peak views
camping in glacier peak
glacier peak wilderness mountains
food in glacier peak wilderness
camping in glacier peak wilderness
sunset in glacier peak wilderness
sunset in glacier peak wilderness

This had been another tough day with much elevation gain, but we were getting into a good rhythm of hiking about 15 kilometers per day. The easy to follow trail and various people to talk to was a very different experience from my previous hikes, but not necessarily bad.

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