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Iceland - Day 17: Pudding

Today was my day off. I wouldn't simply lie in a hot spring as in Landmannalaugar but needed to do 100 different things such as washing my clothes and eating as much as possible. I managed to sleep in for an entire hour. After eating half a head of lettuce and some cola I walked through the forest some more. My legs still hurt but the landscape was nice. Later I went to buy milk to make more pudding. The store also sold traditional hand woven wool clothing. I wanted to buy a hat with the Iceland flag but they didn't have those.

north iceland

I could see the ocean in the distance


View over Varmahlid

Using milk the dessert came out a lot better, only the step 'put 10 minutes in the fridge' was a bit hard to follow. Instead I cooled it with water from the tap, which also worked. It was very tasty, which was good, as I had made half a liter. After lunch I spent two hours trying to wash my clothes and drying them in the sun.


Half a liter of banana pudding

When my first t-shirt was dry enough to wear I could wash the second one. By then it was time for dinner, cola and semolina porridge. Besides the fresh and sugary foods it was also nice to throw out all my garbage, that easily saved 0,5 kg. I also disposed of the extra liter of gasoline I was still carrying. Next time I would definitely have to plan that better.

Icelandic rescue service

Advice from the Icelandic rescue service

My intended bus stop was still 105 km away. It left only once a day at 2 o'clock. To challenge myself, I planned to get there in 3,5 days. I aimed to walk 25-30 km/day during the first two days and then as far as necessary on the 3rd one. The bus would pass a large waterfall and geiser before going to Reykjavik. The remainder of the hike would likely be very tough, but after after getting some rest I was looking forward to it again.

Distance walked: 3 km

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