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Iceland - Day 18 : On my way south

I wish I could start today's story saying I was well rested, nothing hurt, and everything was clean and dry, but that was all not the case. It was a lot better than two days earlier though and I was looking forward to hiking some more.


I calculated the remaining distance as precise as possible and arrived at 102 km. I quickly entered back into my old ritm and the first 10 km flew by, even though I had to climb back onto the inland plateau. It had rained the night before and was still drizzling. After 14 km I reached a crossing with a sign stating it was another 116 km to the bus stop. That would be 28 more than I calculated! I discovered there was a second crossing 28 km south of where I was heading, hopefully the person who made the signs had made a mistake..


Along the way I didn't meet much people, only two cyclists from Spain. I arrived in a green valley with a bunch of horses coming toward me, which was pretty cool. The last 10 km of the day took some effort, but I managed to walk my intended 30 km. Now I just need to do that for another 2,5 days.

icelandic meadows
icelandic landscape

View over the valley

icelandic horses
icelandic horses in the wild

had walked through peaceful grass field the entire day. The last few kilometers ran through a valley with only rocks and wind, there was no level piece of ground in sight. After much searching I found an area just large enough to pitch my tent.

green icelandic landscape

The end of the valley

It seemed strange to camp right next to the road, but it was allowed and there was hardly anyone anyway. A muscle in the upper front of my foot has been hurting the entire afternoon, I think from walking uphill so much. I hope it would feel better the next day. 

Just when I was lying in bed I heard some distant rumbling. First I thought it was thunder, but it turned out to be  about 20 horses with riders. Twenty minutes later I heard it even louder and at least a 100 horses passed my tent.

a herd of icelandic horses

The end of the herd of horses passing my tent

Distance walked: 31 km

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