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Norway Summer - Day 1 : Departure

Jotunheimen wasn't easy to reach by public transport. I first took a bus to the Eindhoven train station, then a train to Amsterdam airport, then the plane to Oslo, then another train to Otta, and then had to figure out a way to get from there to Jotunheimen. The part to Oslo went smooth and 15 minutes later a train departed to Otta. Those were really nice. You could buy tickets inside the train and online, everybody had an assigned seat, and there was a food cart. Even form the train the landscape looked beautiful.


In Otta I asked a local busdriver how to reach Jotunheimen. There were no buses going to Gjendesheim, where I had planned to start. I could take a bus to Lom and then the next day at 6:00 take a bus to a small village 18 km removed from Jotunheim. There wasn't really another option so I decided to do that. It took an hour to reach Lom, where I bought a propane tank for my stove and registered at the campsite. While pitching my tent it started to rain. I didn't know yet but it would do that a lot more that vacation. The showers were the best I had seen on any campsite ever, they were more like private bathrooms and had a sink, toilet, and shower. There were also two free saunas which I used after showering. Thus far, this was a nice and relaxing start of my vacation.

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