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Norway Summer - Day 5 : Sun !! (a bit)

In the morning, yesterday's lady with the phone walked by with her boyfriend. The first few hours I walked just ahead of them. The route was nice and mountainous, it was raining though. After a while the path went downhill and the landscape became more forresty.

mountains in jotunheimen

arrived at another cabin, this one was unoccupied. If you become a member of the Norwegian tourist club you get a key that fits on all free cabins in Norway and a discount to the ones you have to pay for. The two Norwegians who had walked behind me were going to sleep there and asked if I would as well. Of course I wouldn't, that was too easy. They did convince me to stay for tea. Inside it was pretty luxurious and very pretty. They were going to walk to a large waterfall nearby and asked if I wanted to join. That seemed like a nice detour. Already after a few minutes we reached the top, the view was very nice and there were blueberries everywhere. After making some pictures the Norwegians wanted to walk the few hundred meters down to the base of the waterfall. I decided to join. They told me that Norwegians never steal anything and I could just leave my backpack by the side of the road until we came back. I didn't like that idea, but carrying it all the way downhill and then back up again also wouldn't be great. I decided to leave it behind and head down with them. They told me it would take only 20 minutes, but it turned out to be over an hour.

rivers in norway
waterfall in jotunheimen
waterfall in jotunheimen

It was a super pretty route and for the first time this vacation the weather was nice. Unfortunately my wet clothes were on top of the mountain in my closed backpack, so they couldn't dry. At the base of the waterfall we took some photos before heading back. They asked if I wanted to join them to a nearby bar. That seemed nice but I prefered to go back and try to find a nice camping spot to dry my clothes. After climbing all the way up my backpack was still there. This part of the hike was really nice, but that was likely also because the sun was out. At one point I crossed some bridges where I met a Norwegian guy on his way to repair one of the cabins where I had been before. He asked where I was going and it turned out I had taken a wrong turn a while back, I didn't mind walking back but was upset I hadn't noticed before.

norwegian lake
Forests in jotunheimen

A bit later I found the right road, it went straight up a mountain. The view kept getting nicer and nicer and eventually I reached some lakes on the summit. I just managed to pitch my tent before the sun sank behind the mountains and the temperature dropped quickly. I was bummed out I still hadn't managed to take a real break in the sun. During the nights it was also getting colder, but I still managed to stay warm.

valleys in norway
lakes in jotunheimen
camping in jotunheimen
camping in jotunheimen
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