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Norway Summer - Day 4 : Mud and rain

The sun was shining in the morning. While packing my tent I couldn't help but laugh because it felt so nice to feel sun after 2 days of only cold and rain. Unfortunately it started to rain as soon as I was finished. The next part of the route would be more remote.

camping in jotunheimen
Hiing in Jotunheimen

After a few hours I passed a large reservoir. Everywhere was mud which was only broken by rivers. My 2nd pair of socks quickly became drenched as well. Only after 4 hours I encountered the first person of the day. It was a 60 year old German woman who was hiking alone and also hadn't seen anyone for hours. I don't know where that kind of people live, but I never meet them back home.

hiking in jotunheimen

After meeting the lady I entered another valley, here everything was also wet and a muddy path slowly went downhill. After a few hours I met a Norwegian guy hiking with 3 woman, those I also never see at home. After another half an hour I arrived at the next cabin. This one was very nice, there were 4 women and some children in a kind of living room. I took a long rest and started chatting with the lady next to me. She was hiking a loop through Jotunheimen with her husband and kids. She asked if she could have a look at my map, because they weren't carrying one. That seemed really strange to me. After some talking we realized she was the same lady who had stopped on the summit of Galdhoppigen to ask if I was fine.

Hiking in norway
cabin in jotunheimen

After some resting I went outside again, it was even dry for a while. Outside one of the other women was trying to make a phone call. I asked if she had coverage because I hadn't for the past two days. There was, so I texted home that I was doing fine. Then I slowly started looking for a place to sleep. It took 1,5 hours before I found a good spot because literally everything everywhere was slanted and wet. There were no separate rivers or streams, the entire mountain edge was one large flow of water and mud. Eventually I found a reasonable spot, there were even blueberries which made for a nice dessert. 

norwegian river
blueberries in jotunheimen
blueberries while hiking in norway
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