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Norway Summer - Day 7 : Rest day
In the morning it was still raining. Before packing everything I decided to visit the cabin to see what the latest weather predictions were. It would rain non-stop for the next 24 hours. One of the ladies said it was fine if I wanted to stay another day, I could even stay in a cabin for free. That was very tempting. I decided to stay 'until the weather cleared'. Inside was a living room with a bookcase and heating, so I could dry some more clothes and relax with a book. I found a Dan Brown-type book about a garden near Florence. One of the woman asked if I would like a Belgium waffle with whipped cream... that seemed nice. Later she went to clean the cabins, it really was raining extremely hard so I decided to stay a bit longer. Later her daughter came over to bring a second waffle.

cabin in jotunheimen
eating in jotunheimen

A few hours later I finished the book and it was time for dinner. The 3 ladies were eating yesterday's leftovers, but as I was their guest they had prepared fresh fish from the adjacent lake. Fish from that lake had apparently been chosen as the best in Norway. Since I had eaten so much the day before they had gone all out and prepared a huge amount of food. The day before it had already been difficult to eat spaghetti in a civilized manner, but the fish full of bones was way worse. One of the ladies demonstrated how to remove all the bones in a single way. I failed completely. I think they were also a bit disappointed I ate only a quarter of the food they prepared. The ladies explained that in some years there were huge herds of reindeer nearby, so I hoped to see some later. One of the ladies had been hiking in Svalbard and the other two had visited many other places. After dinner the daughter stayed behind to drink beer with me. Because we both had a night off it felt like a real vacation and was a lot of fun.


She told a lot of cool stories about her work in the hospital, which seemed quite a different job from mine. Around 21:00 the news came on which I was told to watch with them. There were apparently a bunch of floodings in Oslo. I didn't understand a single word, but understood it wasn't great for the man in whose house the sewage was blasting 1,5 meters high out of his toilet bowl. After watching the news we continued drinking beer. This was by far the best rest-day of all my vacations ever. In the time it took me to drink one beer she drank two glasses of wine, which was clear by the conversation topics. At first we talked about hiking and my work, then she asked how much I made and when I was leaving, even later she explained how she took off the pants of female patients and that cucumber was the only Dutch word she knew.


Her mom came over to bring a large bowl of fresh fruit. She didn't sit down but did cast a few meaningful glances at me and her daughter. Around midnight I couldn't stay awake any longer, so went to bed. I still haven't figured out why I always meet so many nice and interesting people during my vacations and not at home. The cabin in which I was allowed to stay for free was built for 5 people and had a shower, heater, and a real bed. It was still raining.

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