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Norway Summer - Day 8 : Bare mountain plateaus
It had rained for a long time at night, but in the morning it was reasonably dry. After a warm shower I paid and said goodbye. Unfortunately the daughter was still sleeping. I got a huge discount and thanked everyone for the nice time I had. It was time to get going again.

jotunheimen cabins

The first part of today's hike ran over a gravel road. This is where the reindeer might be found, but unfortunately I didn't see any. At the end of the road was a small village with a few cabins. It lay at the start of a long fjord which I was going to follow next. After a few kilometers I crossed the mountain ridge and ended up in another valley. It was super foggy and I met a few tourists, nearly all of them had turned around because of the bad weather.

valleys in norway
waterfalls in jotunheimen

When I got higher in the mountains it become colder and the weather got worse. I reached a mountain plateau with only rocks, snow, and moss. Because of the fog I could only see 30 meters ahead and it was pretty cold, especially when I would stop walking. I enjoyed walking in the deserted landscape, it forced me to pay attention and be self reliant. As I got higher up the mountain the snow became deeper and I passed a few lakes. I had to be careful not to slide over the ice and end up in the water. Because of the fog all the rocks were slippery and I nearly fell a few times.

mountain plateaus in norway
mountains of jotunheimen
fog while hiking

Eventually the road started to descent again. My socks were wet because of the snow and fog. I was heading towards the next fjord with a pretty nice view, despite the ever present rain. A bit further would be another cabin, but to get there I would first have to walk through the bushes and mudd for another while. There was a half collapsed bridge, but fortunately I could still cross it. 

fog in jotunheimen
fog in jotunheimen
solo hiking in jotunheimen

The cabin was small, there was a living room with a bunch of people who had gotten there by ferry and were sheltering from the rain. There was a wood stove at which I tried to dry my socks and shoes. There were also two German girls hiking. The first one really got it all wrong. She carried a large book containing all the marked routes with photos, distances, and altimeters. That takes away all the unexpected experiences. It had taken about 7 hours to reach the cabin and because of the cold I hadn't rested or eaten much. I realized I had only eaten two granola bars the entire day. In an odd way it always feels nice to eat little during my hikes, but of course I wouldn't last long that way. After an hour I had recovered and started climbing the slope along the fjord. I camped on top with a nice view.

Broken tentpole
camping in jotunheimen

The view was nice but it was still raining. My tent held up despite the broken pole. After some searching I found a mountain stream to get water. When the weather is bad I usually get as much water as possible, so I don't need to leave my tent. Cooking dinner inside went well. I tried to wring my socks and dry them with my stove, but that didn't work well. I figured that if I would put them in between my sleeping bag and its liner they might dry.

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