Norway Summer - Day 9 : Snow

To my great surprise and delight the sun was shining when I woke up. Drying my socks in my sleeping bag liner had worked pretty well, but as my shoes were still wet it didn't make much difference. My sleeping bag now also smelled even worse. It was increasingly feeling cold at night, perhaps because I was getting tired. Today would be tough. After packing and eating breakfast I got going. Soon I reached a nice valley, but the weather started to get worse. I passed a few people but would later deviate from the popular route.

sun in jotunheimen
walking in jotunheimen
backpacking in jotunheimen

At a lake I needed to steeply climb up a mountain. This route was much more remote and clearly harder. I needed to climb from rock to rock which was difficult because of the thick layer of snow. My socks immediately got wet again. On top were a few frozen lakes and more snow. This part was the toughest, but also one of the pretties of my vacation. After the top, the descent was less steep but still hard because of the snow. It was really beautiful, but too cold to stop for long periods of time. I carried some warmer clothes, but those would have been too hot to walk in.

backpacking in jotunheimen
mountain lakes in norway
snow in jotunheimen
snow in jotunheimen
snowy mountains in norway

After the descent I reached a very long valley with a nice view over a glacier. It was again wet and muddy everywhere. Eventually I ended up 5 km south of Gjendesheim, which is where I had planned to start my hike. It was also the start of Besseggen, a route that all the tourists come here to walk. It was still pretty quiet in the area I was currently in, only in the evening I had met 2 people walking in the opposite direction. I was starting to get tired after all these days, but that was planned. During these last few days of a hike it's less important to hold back and eat enough, especially when you're close to a touristy area.

valleys in jotunheimen
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valley in jotunheimen