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Norway Winter - Day 1
It was already pretty cold outside
. I first took the bus to Eindhoven and then the train to Schiphol airport, in Amsterdam. During my previous flights the pilot would always announce something like 'it is 35 degrees and sunny' before landing, now he said "it is -16 degrees and dark'. I took the train to Oslo and then the subway to station Frognerseteren in the suburbs. Fun  fact #1: that subway line has the largest height difference in the world, from sea level to 450 meters. There was an area to rent sleds and a luxury restaurant.

I organized all my gear and started walking. After a few minutes I remembered to test my GPS. It turned on, the battery drained within 20 seconds, and then the device switched off. The second time the same thing happened. I figured this was due to the cold. As I hadn't been able to buy a proper map online I now wouldn't have anything to orient myself by. Fortunately they sold maps in the restaurant.

At first, I followed a wide forest road that even had street lights. Later it turned into an unlit smaller path. The moon reflected of all the ice crystals. After an hour it was 8 o'clock and time to set up camp. It was pretty cold. I got ready to cook dinner and took out my lighter. It didn't turn on, likely also because of the cold. As I was still close to the restaurant I decided to go back the following day. I purposely had brought some extra granola bars for situations like this, so I didn't go hungry.
It also seemed wise to eat the orange I had brought, before it turned into a frozen cannonball. Pitching my bivy bag and sleeping bag went pretty well, although climbing inside in the freezing cold wasn't super pleasant. Soon it became really dark and the temperature dropped even more. I put on the leggings I had brought and also used my sleeping bag liner. That was enough to feel warm, the temperatures there were a lot more serious than the ones I had experienced in the Vosges or Black Forest.

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