Norway Winter - Day 6 : The return journey
In the morning it became time to get going, but I really didn't want to get up. I decided to walk around for a few more hours and then explore the city. I didn't carry a map of Oslo but knew the station was at is lowest point, so just kept walking down hill.

sunrise in the winter
elecric wires in the snow
oslo in the winter

Instead of spreading salt people here spread gravel on the roads, which actually works a lot better. There were a lot of old people walking around without complaining it was too dangerous. My method of descending also worked well, as I ended up within a few hundred meters of the station. There it was time for some hamburgers and soda, after which I headed over to the airport. 

burgerking hamburgers

reached the airport way too early. After a few hours I put on my cleanest clothes and headed to customs. The metal detector went of when I passed through. I couldn't find anything but the customs officers didn't want to come over to check me. After a while I discovered I still had my  phone in my pocket. I am pretty sure the officers didn't want to check me because I didn't smell great, but I couldn't find a place to shower. I bought a  fridge magnet as souvenir and headed to the gate. After my Greenland hike I had met a nice girl on the airport of Copenhagen. I quickly discovered I could keep this tradition alive. She was looking at the plane while it was getting loaded.

airport at sunrise

checked in and sat down. One of they other passengers walked by and said 'my god what is that smell'. I wasn't sure if it was because of me or not. I didn't feel like I smelled worse compared to my other hikes. Later two people sat down and started whispering to each other. After a while the lady stood up and asked the steward for another seat. That was clearly because of me. I guess in the cold my clothes didn't air as much as when cycling in the summer. I was a little ashamed, but it was also funny. Another highlight of my hiking carriere. The people who had moved had been talking to each other in Dutch, because they had assumed I was Norwegian. When she asked in English if they could pass I very clearly answered 'Yes, of course' in Dutch.


After 1,5 hours we arrived in Amsterdam, it was New Years Eve and it was nice to see all the fireworks from up high. The nice girl from before was waiting at the conveyor belt, so I went over to have another chat. She was Norwegian but had studied in the Netherlands. Her dog had been in the plane and she was nervous to see how he was doing. She didn't seem to mind I smelled. Although.. when she asked what my research was about and I started explaining it while enthusiastically waving my arms she got a strange look on her face. After 10 minutes my backpack unfortunately arrived, her dog wasn't there yet but she told me to go hiking with a dog next time. Then I headed to the arrival hall where my mom and dad were waiting as a surprise. It turned out there were no trains on New Years Eve so they had come and pick me up. That was better than spending New Years Eve at the airport. At home I could finally shower, after this hike it is time to start planning next cycling trip.