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Scotland - Day 5 : Last bit of hiking

At night it had been pretty cold again. The others' tents weren't really designed for cold weather. Bart said he had put all his remaining clothes around his sleeping bag but still hadn't felt warm. We again started the day with a healthy breakfast of granola. I had told everyone to bring a kilo of granola and a kilo of nuts, in addition to the freeze dried dinners and some snacks.


It was about a half a kilometer to reach a gravel road running from the lake to Aviemore. Once we reached that we moved faster, but still not very quick. Bart didn't mind going slow because his achilles tendon was hurting. We walked through a valley and after an hour took a break to make coffee. Then we reached the forest we had walked through on our first day.


This day we only walked over large roads

Coincidentally we passed a tourist information point and souvenir shop along a lake. There we took a break and could finally go to a real bathroom. Today had been very sunny and warm. Bart bought some souvenirs for his girlfriend Manon. I wanted to keep walking but the others wanted to go slow. We would easily be able to catch our train the next morning.

a lake in aviemore

Aviemore turned out to be further than expected, but we reached it around 3 o'clock. First we went to the supermarket to buy some real, fresh food. Then we went to three different outdoor stores, at one of which Bart bought a much needed sleeping bag liner, albeit a bit too late. Then we had a beer in a bar, where we tried to sit as far away from the other visitors as possible because we realized we didn't smell great. After one beer we already felt drunk.


Nic had been talking about food the entire day. During the trip we had been talking about how we should definitely try Haggis. There was a snackbar selling it down the road. It wasn't made in a real sheep stomach, but in fried dough. It did taste well, mostly like liver. We camped at the same spot as on our first night. It was dark by the time we got there and there was a large pheasant nearby, which kept shouting 'uuauauauaua'.

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