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Scotland - Day 6 : Return journey

In the morning it was light early. Just like on all the other days it was dry. Before we went back to the village we made coffee on our stoves. We weren't in a hurry because our train wouldn't leave until 11 o'clock. Initially, Bart and I had expected José would get grumpy soon after starting this trip, but it turned out OK. Nic also hardly complained, even though his socks were covered in blood. José did joke about me walking too fast, to blow off some steam we started wrestling (which I may or may not have lost).


Contrary to the first day, we now all arrived at the train station at the same time. We still had to wait for over an hour before the train to Edinburgh left, then take the bus to the airport, then fly to Amsterdam, and then take the train to Eindhoven. That would likely take the entire day. Nic intended to just buy an entire set of new clothes to wear on the plane.


The train was packed. After two stops we could finally sit down. In Edinburgh we bought some whiskey and clothes. José sad down a bit away from us because he wanted some alone time, he looked just like a homeless person with his hat and tracksuit. In the bus to the airport we drank one of Nic's small whiskey bottles to celebrate we finished the hike. In line for customs there were some people complaining about our smell.


We knew there wouldn't be many trains running from Amsterdam to Eindhoven, as we arrived late in the evening. By the time we landed we had 3 minutes until the second to last train left. As Nic couldn't walk fast we told him to start walking to the platform while we would wait for his luggage before running there. We made it in time for the train but couldn't find Nic anywhere. He didn't pick up his phone so we decided to get on, assuming/hoping Nic was inside.


The train departed and we could see the empty platform, with Nic standing by himself at the end. Apparently he wasn't on the train after all. We were continuously speaking English with José. Across from us some other Dutch people didn't realize we were Dutch and started talking about the smell. Bart opened his backpack to take out his rain jacket. The people said 'will he now also air his backpack?'. To be fair the smell was pretty bad, as we hadn't showered the entire trip. We called Nic again and he finally picked up his phone. José said he would wait in Utrecht for half an hour so he and Nic could travel home together.


Bart and I reached Eindhoven shortly after.

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