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South Greenland - Day 11 : Arrival

It was only a short walk to Narsarsuaq. I passed some farms with actual people in them. It took some climbing to reach the river again. It was a bit annoying to again spent half an hour unpacking and packing my boat for a 2 minute crossing, but it was not like I had much else to do. Although it was technically not allowed I walked along the south of the airport's landing strip, anyone could just walk up there if they wanted to.

Erik's fjord
Greenlandic farm

In Narsarsuaq I went back to the tourist office. The woman I had spoken to before still recognized me. She asked if the half broken bridge I had crossed a few days ago was still there. Apparently she had helped building it a few years ago. Initially they had build a narrower bridge, but the following year the river had gotten wider so they had needed to add sections on both sides. Judging from her response I seemed to be the first person using it this year. I also retrieved the extra food I had brought and discussed my plans for the second part of my trip. That section was only reachable by sea. It would be way too far by packraft so I arranged for a boat to drop me off. 

Then I went to the supermarket to indulge myself. Again all Danish labels just seemed written in a Dutch dialect. I decided to camp at the local youth hostel. There I could finally shower and wash the clothes I wasn't wearing at the moment. Normally I don't smell them myself during these kinds of trip, but this time it was so bad that I did. After a nice shower, a liter of orange juice, eggs, and half a bread I started to feel like a human being again.

Lose majs

greenlandic supermarket

My beard was growing well

spent some time talking with 2 Swedish hikers who had walked an easier route. The youth hostel had a shelf with free books, including one Dutch one. I spent the remainder of the afternoon reading. For the first time in a week the weather was pretty nice. I felt quite tired. I planned to spent the entire following day drinking orange juice and reading. The morning after that I would start hiking loop number 2, but more about that later. 


There were a few Danish people at the hostel here as well. One mentioned something about 'the poor Dutch' which I figured was related to the world soccer championships. Besides that my sister had passed her exams I knew absolutely nothing about what had happened in the world during the previous 11 days and hoped to keep it that way for some time. 

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