South Greenland - Day 15 : Jellyfish

In the morning my legs felt filled with lactic acid, but I did have a good night of sleep. First I needed to have breakfast and pack everything. While doing the dishes I suddenly noticed a bunch of jellyfish swimming around. There were at least 10 grey ones and one slightly larger red one. Those were nice to see in the wild.

greenlandic jellyfish
jellyfish in greenland
jellyfish in greenland

It was time to get going. I needed to walk along the shore, but there was no beach, the hills just ended into a cliff that dropped into the ocean. As a result I continuously needed to climb up and down trying to find a path. This was already hard to begin with, but after a while the shrubs grew increasingly higher. For several kilometers I needed to beat my way uphill. That was ridiculously tough and slow. After two hours I crossed the mountain ridge and descend into the adjacent fjord. In 3 hours I had walked only 6 km. The next section would likely be a bit easier and then the red route will pass into an even easier blue one.

greenlandic sea urchin
greenlandic fjords
fjords in greenland

Because of the easier route I still managed to cover some ground. The views were still pretty. I was on the nearly flat peninsula on which Qaqortoq lies. Despite the warm weather there were only a few mosquitoes. There were a kind of mini horse flies which landed just next to my watch or sleeves and then slowly started to eat a hole in my skin. That didn't feel great and now I have about 20 small wounds on my arms. By the time they had eaten enough to break my skin they kept coming back to the same spot.

qaqortoq hiking

During the last part I was really tired and rested more than I walked, but I still managed to reach a nice daily distance. I pitched my tent besides an emergency cabin with a nice view over the ocean. It is still 8-9 km to Qaqortoq, which should be doable in 3 hours. There I will have a quick look around and buy some fresh food before heading back. The first day will be along the same path I am on now. Then there will follow about 4 days with some more height difference, over what certainly will be a very nice route past some monuments. Now I am going to eat as much as possible and then go to bed early.

greenlandic cabins

"Fresh" pasta expired for more than a year

cabins in greenland
wild camping in greenland
greenlandic cabin
greenlandic mosquitoes