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South Greenland - Day 14

I again intended on walking as far as possible. It was cloudy but not cold or rainy. A large part of this day's route would pass along the 'Redekammen', a long and very narrow mountain. On my way back I would walk along the otherside. While walking, I mostly passed the usual lakes and rivers. At one moment I was sitting next to a waterfall which continuously had fish trying to jump up it, which was nice to watch. I carried some lightweight emergency fishing gear, but as I already had more food than I need I didn't want to waste time fishing

Hiking Qaqortoq
Fishing jumping up a waterfall

Later I arrived at the mouth of the river. It was nice to see the fjords. In the evening I had another nice view, but there turned out to also be a small cabin with people and a boat. This meant I already saw people 1,5 day in this second hike, that was way too soon!

Emergency cabin in greenland
wild camping in greenland

From then on the path to Qaqortoq would almost completely pass along the coast, and therefore be relatively flat. The entire shore was covered with some kind of yellow seaweed bubbles. There were also many clams and a few red jellyfish. While I was walking I realized that this likely meant the water would come up that high during flood, and I would have to make sure I pitched my tent high enough. Around 16:30 (Greenlandic time, after 2 weeks I had finally adjusted my watch) I felt it was time to stop, there was no need to rush. It took a while before I found a good location. Both this day and the day before it took some effort to hike 15 km. I hoped to reach Qaqortoq within 1,5 days and  started to feel tired from the many days of walking, but still enjoyed it.

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