South Greenland - Dag 17 : The way back

In the morning it was again cold and foggy. Walking went well although there were sections with many scrubs and boulders. Around 15:00 I reached the point where I started a new section of route. I decided to continue walking, which included a very steep climb, until I reach the adjacent fjord. There were very few rivers so I took a small detour to be able to camp next to a stream. The views were again very beautiful. Today I have walked about 20 km, which might be the record of this trip. If the landscape would have been flat and open I think I would average around 25 km a day, but because of all the hills, swamps,  boulders, and bushes I usually walk around 15-18 km per day and sometimes even less. Tomorrow will again involve some climbing. I will also passed Hvalso church, which is supposed to be a nice church from the 1300s. It is on the Unesco heritage list, so I assume this ruin will be recognizable. Thus far I have 'seen' over 10 ruins, but wouldn't have recognized any of them as such.

hiking in south greenland
camping in south greenland