South Greenland - Day 21 : Igaliku

Today again was a beautiful day. The sun was out early and it was nice and warm. Because of my light(er) backpack and the lack of mosquitoes I could walk in a t-shirt. It took about an hour to reach Igaliku. Along the way I passed a campsite and talked with a man who had sailed from Qaqortoq to here. He had intended to walk but had gotten ill. Then I passed an open tent in which a half dressed girl was fixing her hair. We both started laughing, her boyfriend not so much. I still need to try out my Greenlandic pickup line: "have you seen a polar bear, because I need something to break the ice".


Igaliku looked amazing. I bought a ticket for the ferry and talked for a while with the girl working there. She seemed to really enjoy working there. She was originally from Denmark and this was her summer job. Before going to the store I took a break to enjoy another view. This must have been one of the most beautiful villages I have ever visited. Now there were a bunch of tourists, but during winter there are only 30 people living here.


The view over Igaliku

There also happened to be two Dutch women who had just arrived and planned on walking in the area. After dinner I headed out towards a viewpoint. It was quite a long gravel road to there including a 300m elevation difference. The view was very nice, looking out over the glacier next to Narsarsuaq. There were 5 French people who I talked with. They said they had seen me on the campsite in Narsarsuaq last week. The landscape was again amazingly pretty. To have a change of scenery I took a different route back than the one over the gravel road. That turned out to be further than expected and quite hilly.

hiking near Igaliku
Narsarsuaq glacier
south greenland
temperature in south greenland

24 degrees in the shade

Eventually I made it back in one piece and camped along a lake a few kilometers north of Igaliku. Although today was intended to be a bit of rest day I still walked 17-18 km and climbed quite a bit. Tomorrow I will need to walk another 2 kilometers to reach the dock where the boat will pick me up around noon. I plan to then spent the remainder of the day in Narsarsuaq before walking 1,5 days in Mellem landet, an area north east of Narsarsuaq.