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South Greenland - Day 22 : Missed the boat

The weather was again nice and I quickly reached the dock at Itilleq. At least, I was where I had been dropped off, there was another jetty 500 m away behind a hill. That second one was marked on the map as Itilleq, but as I was dropped off at the first one it would make sense if this would also be where I would be picked up. The ferry wouldn't arrive for another hour so I decided to check out the other jetty. There was nothing there except some stairs running into the water and it didn't look like anyone had been there recently. At the first northern dock was a real jetty and several other boats. It seemed better to wait there.


At 12:95 I saw the ferry pass by and it was clear I had been at the wrong stop. The bar where I had bought my tickets was a 2 hour walk away, so I couldn't just hop in and ask for advice. I did know if there wouldn't be another boat that day. Fortunately I still had some scraps of paper in my pocket with the organizations' telephone number. After making what probably was a very expensive phone call I was told they would sent another boat to pick me up. Just when I was about to ask at which of the two jetties the man hung up.


Half an hour later the boat arrived, fortunately at the right stop. The French people I had met yesterday had also arrived and where waiting for a different boat. I clearly wasn't the only one confused. The girl I had seen in her tent yesterday was also there, together with her boyfriend. The ride back was again beautiful and in Narsarsuaq I again was offered a 1 minute car ride back to the tourist office. 

The same lady was still working there and she wanted to know everything about my trip. It felt really nice to talk about it with someone who had experience hiking in the area and who was genuinely interested. After picking up my packraft I headed back to the hostel. Inside where a bunch of people who had been kayaking for several days. I spoke with an American lady who said she had seen seals and had stopped on a small Island where they discovered an Inuit grave with the skeleton exposed. When I said I had visited Igaliku and explained where I had camped last night they said they had seen my tent.

Tunulliarfik Fjord
Greenlandic school

Back in Narsarsuaq I bought way too much food, showered, and washed my clothes. I also bought beer, but didn't like it much. I had a hard time staying awake. I spend the rest of the day reading Inferno by Dan Brown which someone had left behind. The falcon scientists were not back yet, but they would probably arrive soon. The following day I would start the last of my hikes in the area.

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