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South Greenland - Day 25 : Return journey part I

It was time to leave Greenland. I woke up extra early hoping we would take the plane, but the falcon man's daughter was still sick. I took a walk toward a spot near the runway where there supposedly was an arctic fox den, but couldn't find the animals. At the airport it felt a bit like a reunion. There were the two meteorologists, the falcon man with his wife and daughter (who now suddenly was able to fly) and the kayaking lady. I always enjoy meeting new people on my trips, it feels much more special in remote places. After check-in I bought some Greenlandic beer before getting on the plane. The first 15 minutes after lift off we again had a crazy beautiful view over south Greenland. Later I mostly ate, drank, and slept.

Air greenland plane

One of air Greenland's planes

Narsarsuaq airport
Narsarsuaq airport
Flying over greenland
Greenland from above

We arrived in Copenhagen airport at 23:50, where I said goodbye to everyone and went to sleep in a corner. My flight to the Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, wouldn't leave until 16:00 the next day.

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