South Greenland - Day 24 : Splash

Today would be the last day of hiking. The first part downhill went fast. Then I reached the part with the ropes, it was pretty cool to rappel down.

hiking in south greenland
hiking near narsarsuaq

It would take another 2 hours to reach the campsite. I considered paddling down the river, but that would likely take just as long. I wanted to be back in time because one of the falcon scientists had mentioned renting a helicopter to view the area from above. Along the way I passed a group of tourists with a Spanish guide. They were impressed about all the hiking I had done. As soon as I went on my way I needed to cross a stream. To make it easier someone had put a log across. For the past 3 weeks I had successfully avoided falling, so of course I now fell over the log that had been specifically put there to make falling less likely. The tourists could all see me fall down face first in the stream. Luckily the weather was nice.

hiking in south greenland
flowers in greenland

An hour later I was almost at the hostel and my clothes were almost dry. While I climbed the last hill I thought about all the things I had experienced and felt proud I had planned and done everything by myself and was still in relatively good shape. After pitching my tent for the last time I met the falcon guy inside the hostel. Their daughter had gotten sick so he wasn't sure if he would go on the helicopter ride tomorrow, but he would inquire at the tourist office.


Back on the asphalt road

walking in narsarsuaq

The last few meters

narsarsuaq hostel

The hostel with the campsite behind it

took another shower and washed my clothes again. After soaping them for the 5th time the water that came out was still black. Then I continued reading so I didn't have to buy the book afterwards. I have read about 300 pages today. The falcon man told me the helicopter ride was too expensive, but we could also take a small plane. That would cost 100 per person per hour, instead of 240 per person for 20 minutes. That way we could also decide where the pilot would fly instead of making a predetermined loop. If his daughter felt better tomorrow he wanted to do that. I really hope she does.

sunset in greenland