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Vosges - Day 8 : Where is the train station?

In the morning my shoes were frozen again, it again took an hour to get them on. Normally, I would rarely get blisters from the shoes. However, now I had multiple wounds and patches of sore skin from putting them on and walking in them while frozen. I continued towards the train station. After a few hours I rested at a wooden cabin where I took some photos.

cabin in the vosges

A bit later I saw a herd of 7 deer in the forest. A few days ago, when I was visited by the wild boars, I had seen 3 others. Both times I didn't managed to photograph them, but I did take a picture of a heron.

Heron in the vosges

It was still a long walk to the train station. There weren't any signs and, while I technically was already in the village, it would be another 10 km to the train station. By now it was already 3 o'clock so I decided to take a bus, which only passed once an hour. When we drove off I realized it was the first time in 8 days that I was sitting inside. At the train station I took the train to Strasbourg. There weren't any maps at the station so it was difficult to figure out which subsequent train to take. Fortunately there was a help desk.

I started talking to the man sitting behind a sign saying 'English', while carrying my huge backpack, thick beard, and dried out lips. After a few seconds it was clear he didn't speak English at all, but we still managed to figure it out. I needed to take the train to Nancy and then to Luxembourg, where I arrived around 20:30. From Luxembourg I travelled to Liege, while there were only a handful of people in the entire train. The stop trains in Belgium meant the way back took a lot longer than I had expected and it required a crazy amount of transfers. I didn't arrive in Liege until 23:48, from where I wanted to go to Maastricht, in the Netherlands. I learned that, while in the Netherlands trains run the entire night, this isn't the case in Belgium. There wouldn't be another train until 4 in the morning.


As the people there didn't look very trustworthy and there was no place to sleep I called home. Fortunately my dad was nice enough to offer to pick me up. Once in the car my feet started to hurt a lot, I guess because they were getting warm for the first time in days. They were covered in bruises, blisters, and other wounds. Back home I slept very well and walked without shoes or socks for 2 days.

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