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West Greenland - Day 14 

In the morning I was glad to do so more hiking. Instead of bare rocks there was a lot of bushwhacking involved. After descending from the mountain plateau I entered a wide green valley filled with herbs, blueberries, and mosquitoes. The landscape was a lot more like my previous Greenland hike than the prior two weeks. After a few hours I reached the end of the valley and needed to climb again. I was being rewarded by a nice view over the valley's full length.

green valley in greenland
hiking in greenland

I gradually started to descend again, along several nice mountain lakes. Soon I saw the next fjord in the distance, guarded by huge granite mountains covered in snow. I took quite a few pictures of the scenic landscape. Down in the valley were several large rivers and it took some puzzling to find the best way around and through them. As the largest rivers meandered from left to right through the valley I had to do the same, which meant it took a while to reach the ocean.

greenland backpacking
hiking among glaciers in greenland
flowers in greenland
summer in greenland
alone in greenland
mosquitoes in greenland

I camped close to the water, accompanied by a gazillion mosquitoes. The fjord I had entered was still a good distance removed from Maniitsoq, but much easier to reach from there than the one I had been in previously, which was comforting in case something went wrong.

I had been hiking and packrafting for 12 days now and besides the distant boats the day before I hadn’t seen any people, paths, or buildings. Compared to my previous hikes I felt exceptionally fit after so many days and could have easily kept going for another 2 weeks. Alternating between hiking and packrafting really helped in letting my legs and feet rest.

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