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West Greenland - Day 15
The next morning I first continued walking along the shore but it quickly became clear that was going to be very though. Close to the shore the rocks were slippery from all the water and seaweeds, while further away there were high bushes and hidden holes among the rocks. When I also reached a large river and waterfall I decided to continue by packraft.

blueberries in greenland

Just on the other side of the river I spotted a tent and a bit later a person. I was a bit sad my time in solitude had ended, it had been nice to be by myself and fully self-sufficient. As they seemed to have seen me as well I figured I would stop by and say Hi. I pulled my boat on the shore, weighted it down with a few rocks and walked over. That is where I met Lene and Peder. They turned out to be a Danish couple and were camping there for the weekend, after being dropped off by boat. Peder had lived in Maniitsoq a few years ago and Lene now worked there in the hospital for the summer. She also turned out to be a colleague of Johannes.

camping in greenland
traveling in greenland
packrafting in greenland
packrafting in greenland
packrafting near maniitsoq

They offered me coffee and candy and we spent some time talking about my trip. It must have been pretty odd to see my haggard self walking up to them out of nowhere. I explained my plans for the next few days and they invited me over for dinner at their apartment once I returned to Maniitsoq.

Afterwards I continued paddling down the fjord. There was a strong headwind and the waves were high. I didn’t cover nearly as much distance as I had hoped but still travelled a good 10 km. The shore became less overgrown and as the wind was picking up I switched to walking again.

greenlandic fjord
fjords in greenland

Walking involved a good amount of climbing and descending and it often was impossible to stay directly on the shore. After a while, I saw a speedboat coming to pick up Lene and Pedder. Eventually I found a nice camping spot with a great view over the area I would be paddling through the next day. I also saw the speedboat returning, but they were too far away to see me.

camping in greenland
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