Day 4 : Ou est le camping?

In the morning the other cyclists had already left. First we had to travel a while over a large road leading towards Dijon. Then we needed to turn left to Til-châtel after which we would end up in the area where we had been most thirsty during our last vacation. We applied a lot more sunscreen and took a pee in the bushes. The area didn't seem that bad at first, we went over a lot of small hills and the sun was shining brightly. We again passed the sign indicating the village charmes, where Bram took a picture last time. It was incredibly hot. The next village came a bit later than expected, but we had prepared ourselves well by carrying some extra water and a melon.


In Auxonne we wanted to buy groceries at the same store as last time. It turned out to be closed for lunch, as most stores in France are. We even saw French people showing up, indicating that even they couldn't figure out which were open and which were not. Luckily we found a bakery that was open. We got a pizza that we ate in the shade. There was a sign indicating it was 32 degrees.

At the supermarket, which was open by now, we bought as much as possible. To stick to our plan of saving time by repeating our previous trip as much as possible we ate everything in a nearby park, the same we had eaten in two years ago. The road was easy to find because I still remembered most of it. It was also quite flat. In St. Jean de Losne we crossed the Saône river and then raced over a blisteringly hot road. Just as two years ago we bought ice cream at a supermarket. Then we cycled for a few more hours at 25 km/h through the heat.

We were still on schedule to arrive at the campsite around 19:00. Because we were hungry we bought a pizza at a stand, which took 45 minutes to be ready. It was half a meter across and shaped like a blob of dough. Now we still wouldn't arrive before 20:00 o'clock, but at least we had eaten a good meal.

It wouldn't be far to the campsite. In the village was a sign indicating the campsite, however, 2 km later we still hadn't found it. After cycling back and forth we decided to continue to the next village, that was also supposed to have a campsite. After 5 km we arrived and took a side road, going 3 km downhill to where the campsite was supposed to be. Again nothing. We climbed all the way back and continued another 10 km to the next village. A 3rd campsite was again nowhere to be found. 


We asked for directions in a bar, the owner told us there was no campsite, but there was one 10 km in the wrong direction. When we walked out I asked Bart "so we are going to lie in a ditch somewhere?' to which he replied "yes". That's the nice part of spending so many vacations together, we didn't need to discuss anything. A further, after cycling 180 km, we stopped somewhere by the side of the road. Bart felt the need to interview me with his mobile phone, so I could explain how we had cycled 180 km and now had to sleep in some field without any water.

100cols_tocht3 137.jpg

Camping in a field

Movie of wildcamping [257 kB]

This is the what is said in the movie:

Bart: "So how far did we cycled today Bram? Please tell me"
Bram: "180 km"
Bart: "Oh, and where are we now?"
Bram: "In a field in the middle of nowhere"
Bart: "Yes, and I am eaten alive by mosquitoes"
Bram: "And I don't have any water left"
Bart: "Nice"

Distance cycled : 180 km