Alps - Day 2 : Rain, Rice and Lettuce

The weather was bad the entire day. It already started raining in the morning. We cycled first through St Vith and then weren't allowed to continue over the main road. After Dasburg we could follow the river Our. We passed Vianden, where we had spend another vacation with friends once. It was pretty flat along the river, but raining constantly.

Suddenly I got a flat rear tire. We took the wheel out, which luckily was easy, as I hadn't tried it at home. We wanted to inflate the inner tire to search for the hole. That didn't work because the hole was so large any air flowed out immediately. We started putting the spare inner tire on. Bram first wanted to check if there was nothing sharp left in the outer tire. Fortunately he didn't put his hand in because there was a razor sharp piece of 2 cm glass sticking straight through.

punctured tire

Fixing the tire

alpen 007.jpg

The piece of glass causing our troubles

Bram told me what he had eaten for dinner while his parents were on vacation. Two days he had eaten nothing but rice and lettuce. I asked what kind of sauce he ate with it. None. He only had just eaten bare rice with some lettuce. After the lettuce ran out he just ate rice for multiple dinners. He said it was too much trouble to also make sauce. On a different night he had eaten an entire kilo of sausage. I thought that could be tasty, but Bram said it wasn't. That was because it hadn't been cooked completely.

Near Konz we needed to cross a river. According to our map there was only a railroad bridge and the next one for cyclists was 10 kilometers away. Jorien's dad apparently had different maps or a lot of experience cycling here, because next to the train-track was a cycling path. In Saarburg we took a campsite. After showering we laid down on our bivy bags and a Dutch couple came over to talk. They had seen us cycling through the rain earlier today. The woman said about her husband 'yes and he wants to cycle to Rome one day', with which she meant to say he didn't realize how shitty it could get.

alpen 008.jpg

The campsite

This time we didn't need tokens to shower. They had come up with a different trick so that, after cycling through the rain the entire day and paying 15 euros for the campsite, we still couldn't shower properly. These showers only stayed on for 5 minutes, after which you needed to wait another 5 minutes to go again. After the first 5 minutes had passed I quickly dried myself, put on my pants, and walked to the adjacent stall with the rest of my clothes. That also worked.

Distance cycled : 169 km