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South Greenland - Day 13 : The second loop

My alarm went off at 7:00. I needed to be at the harbor in time. The owner of the hostel offered to give me a ride to the blue ice cafe. I declined as it was less than a 5 minute walk. Everyone in Narsarsuaq seemed to own a car, which was strange as including all dirt paths there was only about 8 km of roads. All houses and the store and school were all within a 500 m radius.


I left my packrafting gear behind at the bar, which saved me 2,5 kg. I would be carrying a full supply of food again though. As I would be able to buy food at my halfway point in Qaqortoq, the 9 days worth of food I carried was way too much. The best solution seemed to just eat as much as possible. I also had another chat with the lady in the tourist office. I asked how often someone hiked the route I had walked during the past 1,5 week. She said people went there only about 3 times a year, and then mostly in groups. That was really few.


From the cafe I was dropped off, by car, at the harbor 2 km away. The boat was roofed and had room for 6 people. I decided to stay outside to take photos. After about 10 seconds I changed my mind. I have no words to describe how cold it felt when the boat sped up. We first visited the village Qassiarsuk on the opposite side of the fjord to pick up some more people. Along the way to Itilleq we approached the glaciers' foot and there were increasingly more and larger icebergs. Some the size of houses. It was pretty cool to slalom between them in a small boat.

icebergs in greenland
erik's fjord
iceberg in eriksfjord
Tunulliarfik fjord
Tunulliarfik fjord

There was nothing to do at the docks so I just started walking. I first walked along the shore before going inland, where I passed 3 waterfalls. Along the way I had a beautiful view over the mountains in the distance. I also had a sore ankle, and hoped that wouldn't get worse.

erik's fjord
eriksfjord waterfall
Tunulliarfik fjord

Around 16:00 I called it a day and set everything up for the night. According to the map it would take 4 days to reach Qaqortoq, but at my current pace I would already be there in 3. The following day I would pass an area known for its minerals, perhaps I would find a ruby.

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